Big businesses know the value of simplicity in logos. However, don’t discount the simplicity for stupidity. Even with a simple design, the logos hold so much hidden meaning than you may think. Here are some examples provided by the video below.

The Amazon has a yellow swoosh symbol, because they want people to know that they have everything from A to Z.

The Baskin Robbins is popular for having 31 flavors.

FedEx has an arrow between the E and the X, so that people will know the company wants to move forward and ahead.

The Tostitos logo has two people in the center enjoying a bowl of salsa with chips.

For the Kisses logo, you can see a side view of a kisses chocolate between the “K” and the “I.”

The smiling face of the Goodwill logo is actually a letter G.

For the Le Tour de France, you can se a man riding a bike. The sun and the O being the two wheels.

For the Sony VAIO logo, you can see that the V and the O are sound waves, and I and O are binary digits.