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The Logo Branding Identity

In every company there is a logo that represents their organization and they have its own branding identity. Most people are very aware in the brand of ones product like clothing, shoes etc.. Each of them have unique identity for them to be known. As you can see in the image below that the logo has its own identity, system, brand an experience as well. In other words the logo explains the identity of your company and the brand of your organization.



Do you really think that you know the identity of your company? The identity means that it is the image of the company, people can easily know what kind of company or what are your company offers. Also, in every brand there’s a guidelines to follow like for instance, you will need to use the company’s unique font, colors and image. Actually, you can use autocad in making logo for a nicer image view, if you like.


What really logo is? Logo is like a seal for identification. Like for example if you are studying in ones school, you will easily be identified if what school you attended, it’s because people can see the seal in your uniform. Look at the chart above the logo has its own unique colors that people can easily remembered, layout and of course we must be aware of the typography as well and brand personality.

The Reflection of the Logo to Your Business

What does a logo do to your company? Well, it only represents it, holds the sales performance, customer loyalty, and customer trust of your company. Nothing much really.


The beauty in simplicity of the FedEx logo


Yes, a good logo is of dire importance in a company. Without a logo, your company will be unknown. It’s not a business. It’s a lazy ass excuse of a business. You would need a logo to be recognized. That’s a fact. All good businesses have logos. That’s the bare minimum.

Take a look at this FedEx logo. It is practically known everywhere. Besides its readability and elegance, there is also a dash of cleverness to it. There’s more to it than meets the eye. Between the ‘E’ and the ‘x’ is an arrow. Since it’s a delivery company, yes, it means they are moving forward. They deliver. They go across miles just to reach you.

The FedEx is a wonderful example of a good logo.

Below is an infographic detailing what your logo says about your business.


There is a online marketing study that most world’s top brands use blue for their logo. 33% to be exact. Facebook is a classic example. 29% use red. Coca-cola is an example. 28% use black or grayscale. Nike is an example. And 13% use yellow or gold. McDonalds, anyone?

Only 95% of brands use one or two colors. There are 41% who use text only. Like Disney or Kellog’s.

There is a small 9% who doesn’t feature a name at all. These are the big shots like Starbucks or Apple.

5% use more than two colors such as Google and NBC.

Logo Design: Keep it Simple

There is a saying “Simplicity is beauty”. Do you believe in that? How to make a simple but elegant logo? Many people have been criticizing other logos for being “too simple”, “not creative” and “boring”, among the other usual snarky comments in a 會議桌. These comments may have some validity; however, a logo does not always have to be creative or fancy to make it nice and elegant. A logo is there to identify and has its own definition. Don’t include too many details in the icon.


The main role of your logo is to communicate what your business is all about in an instant. But if you try to say too much in that instant, it’s more likely that your clients and prospects will either not get the message at all or that they’ll get the wrong message or meaning of your logo. Moreover, they will get wrong information out of an over complicated/exaggerated logo.

The way to avoid confusing the people who looks at with your logo is simple: to just keep it simple. Just like the KISS principle. Wikipedia says: “The KISS principle (acronym for “Keep It Simple, Stupid”) states that design simplicity should be a key goal and unnecessary complexity avoided. It serves as a useful principle in a wide array of disciplines, such as software development, animation, journalism, photography, engineering, and strategic planning.”

How to Choose a Logo Designer

We all know that we have a lot of designers we met along our journey, but what most important we remember is the best and good one. We know that he/she is the good one; it is because of his/her experiences. We ask them where they are connected to and then if they are currently working to a big and famous company, we can instantly conclude that they are the good one. We will research as well about the awards they have won and how many they published.


Also, if we can hear positive testimonials from our friends and people around us. Not just a word of mouth, but also we need to ensure to check the comments validity which we can make a conclusion that their comments are genuine, it has high quality. Also, by looking for their portfolio or website or even by emailing the company he/she work on. It’s a good idea as well to check if the company even exists.


The most significant we need to know is their great customer service, that they can respond the email quickly because I believe that customers have many questions that needs an answer instantly especially the ones that are very curious and very interested to the services you offer. Bridal companies has their own styles and ways on how to design a dress. One of the best design and style of dresses today is the Fall 2017 dress made by Jasmine. Most designer of dresses amaze in this kind of dress because of the way how it was designed and the uniqueness it was created.

Making a Good Logo: Logo Drafting Broken Down

There is no end to laying out the importance of a good logo. There are so many things to say. It cannot be emphasized enough. In fact we have been bombarding you in this site about the importance of it.

Some people turn their heads around trying to come up with a clever design, but actually what a logo should be is that it can easily be read. Like this logo below. The Wi and Fi are so legible, it’s impossible to miss. When you see it from across the street, you know that cafe or business has wifi, and so you are more interested in going in (especially if you really need Wi-Fi).


The Wi-Fi Logo is Clear and Concise

Below is an infographic showing you how logo drafting goes. It asks, can you read the logo in 3 seconds? If you can’t, then there’s a problem with a logo, right? We don’t want people turning their heads around trying to figure out what the heck your logo is. The first picture, people think is a pregnancy test. Well, it’s not. It’s actually a snowboard. And the last thing you want is someone confusing it for a pregnancy test.


The second logo is that of a penguin. What a wonderful logo, right? Just one look and you know it’s a penguin. As for the third one, well people said, is it earrings for Captain America? Well it’s not. Actually, I’m not even sure what it is up until now. Maybe it’s earrings for self-defense enthusiasts.

The Secret of the Logo Design

In every company or organization has its own unique logo design. Logo designing is the most difficult part to make because you will need to think first what color that best suits your company and design that describes your company. There are a lot of process to design a logo, you need to research, sketch, reflect and present. We all know that in the world of advertising, logo design is one of the key pillars of a company. The amount of thought and work behind the simplest of logos would boggle the mind of ones person.


Logo designing is the most crucial thing to do, its because you will need to use your creativity, visual ideas and smart enough to blend the combination of colors, styles and trend that is related to your company.Most of us today, wants to establish business company in China. But, before you will start the operation of the company to everyone or to the world, you need to process Passport with visa. This is very important in order to keep you secure going there and become a legal citizen.

Colour psychology is a crucial part of logo design as well, they said that blue and red represent opposite ends of the spectrum. Red is urgent and dynamic and brings instant action from the viewer, whereas blue is more relaxing and encourages trust.

The Harmony in your Logo

If there’s a harmonized song, there’s a harmonious logo design as well. I believe that in every small business’s logo should be made up of three pieces of art: the icon, the font, and the color palette and these three pieces all work together. The elements of your logo’s icon or the picture in your logo will all be symbols that have visual meaning.



Also, in creating a harmonious logo you need to understand the unity in the design through online marketing world. I know someone who is good in digital marketing service and he will gonna help you, visit his website – 八拓 technology.  By the way, it is in Asian character. No matter how beautiful your designs are, if there’s not some type of unity bringing them together then it’s time to engaged into the world of digital marketing service. In making a physical object logo or the material itself we need to do a  process that involves the use of a furnace and metal.



In addition, you need to have a color harmony too. Colors that are opposite to each other are considered to be complementary colors (example: red and green). Complementary colors are tricky to use in large doses, but work well when you want something to stand out and I observe that it’s really bad for text.

How to Design a Creative Logo

Do you think that designing a logo is simple?  There have been numerous creative logo designs that we can see everywhere, logo design resources and logo design tutorials as well posted across the internet. Also, there are powerful toolboxes for your logo designs to help you create a creative logo. First thing is you need to gain a solid understanding of what makes a logo design good and what you need to consider before starting using this toolbox.


Before designing a logo, you must understand what a logo is, what it represents and what it is supposed to do like an 室內設計. A logo is not just a mark – a logo reflects a business’s commercial brand by using shape, fonts, colour, and images. As you can see the image above, you can easily identify what the logo is up to.

To acquire a creative logo, you need to think deeply and feel what is your heart/ideas want to represent, what you want to say or your message to the clients based on your product that they can instantly understand what do you want to relay because logos have an emotional attachment not just to the owner or to the designer but to everyone.

Logo Designing Tips

We need to learn what a logo is and what it represents because a logo is for inspiring trust, recognition and admiration for a company or a product and it is a responsibility of the designers to create a logo that will do its job. There’s more to crafting a brand’s visual identity than just placing a name in a square and calling it a day. Knowing the principles of effective logo designing is very important.


Logo designers are in high demand, and it’s for good reason — a logo is often a company’s first impression, one that can impact a customer’s brand perception, purchase decisions and overall attitude toward a product. We don’t need to have a high budget to make our logo design great and extravagant, we just need to remember lo make our logo simple, memorable and it must be appropriate to the company and product we offer or for its intended purpose.

I believe that in general public, logos serve as an instant reminder of a company or a product; to the client they’re the point of recognition on which their branding hangs; and to the designers they represent the challenge of incorporating clients’ ideologies into one single graphic. Many of us today, go through online shopping for dresses. No wonder, then, that dress design features Jasmine Top dresses for Mother of the Bride and Groom so prominently in our lives. In an age where everyone must have a website to support their bridal company products and  services is one of the best way to advertise your top dresses designs.

Logo Branding Guidelines

A great branding guidelines is not only sets down the rules for using your ‘brand assets’, including logos, colors and fonts, but also injects life into your brand, and makes visual branding a joy, not just a chore. Branding guidelines also describes your company as a whole, the physical aspect, the building, the staff and the clients who come and go as well carry this brand. Including the ambiance, materials, furniture, color motif and of course the interior of the office represents your branding guidelines.


The primary purpose of branding guidelines is to document and give guidance to others as to how they can use the company’s branding when they create anything new, a business cards, advertising, websites, and packaging, basically anything that visually represents the business in any way. Branding guidelines is a set of standards for the design of documents, signage, and any other form of other brand identifier.

Brand guidelines are, in essence, your owner’s manual on how to “use” your brand. These guidelines will be referenced by everyone who touches your brand, internally or externally, and will often be partially reused in future brand identity revisions. Because of that, it’s important that you define enough of the guidelines to keep your brand consistent, but keep them short enough that contributors can actually digest all of the rules.