Why does your business need a logo? It’s the same as asking, why does your business need a name. Yes, a business is nothing without a logo. People need to recognize your business or else no one is going to do business from you.

So, what is a logo anyway? Well, it’s when a visual image is combined with text. It acts as both the visual representation of your business and it holds the name of your business. There are logos that are so powerful, they don’t need to put the name for people to recognize the company. Say, like Nike. When you see that check, you already know it’s Nike.

So, why need a logo? A good logo will strengthen the trust your customers have of your business. New buyers are more likely to purchase from you if your logo is top-notch. If you did your logo design in MS Paint, customers are not going to trust you. It only sends the message that you are not willing to put in the effort for your customers.

Make sure when you are creating your logo that is really, really clear and can be read from a far distance.

There are many businesses out there who think that their company is going to be the next Coke or McDonalds, but what you basically need from your logo is clear readability. People who are passing by your company car should be able to read it from a distance.

If you’re walking on the street and you see a company building, can you observe that the signage is easily read? Yes, that’s what a good logo should be.